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Dinner Dates & Overnights

"Grand Marnier" souffle:

(also called Dinner/Lunch dates)

It's said the best way to get to know someone is over food, so why don't we have a meal together? We can talk, laugh, seduce one another, and maybe even share spaghetti like "Lady and the Tramp," before satisfying the passion and desire we've been holding back all along.

A big plus point is that we don't have to do the dishes afterwards!

Like most Latinas and Spaniards, I am very affectionate and love to give and receive physical contact. From hugs to holding hands. So, I hope you are ready!

I love flirting and discreetly seducing you in public in a variety of ways, from letting you know what we can do when we're alone, rubbing my leg against yours, sharing furtive glances and mischievous smiles.

My way of dressing is discreet and nothing flashy. I can wear an elegant dress or a charming more informal outfit.

This option is perfect for:

♥ Gentlemen who prefer to create a connection and get to know each other better to break the ice and feel more comfortable.

♥ Someone who always makes the same types of reservations and wants to do something different to get out of the routine.

♥ You want to practice your English or Spanish with a pretty girl who has a sexy accent. I promise you that I can also pronounce a complete sentence in German!

♥ Someone who feels one-hour meetings are too short and wants to take their time to enjoy the dessert properly.

1Drinks / Brunch/ Lunch (3.5h) 

This option is available for at my apartment, although it must be planned at least 3 hours in advance.

(Include two hours of intimacy and one and a half hours of social time) - 750 chf

2. Lunch or Dinner/ Cinema/ Opera/ Museums / Theatre (Between 4h and 6h)

This is the best option to get to know each other well and enjoy each other! We can enjoy social time visiting the theatre, cinema, a restaurant, opera, etc…

(Include two or three hours of intimacy)-  900-1400 chf

Note: These types of dates are so yummy! We can get to know each other over coffee, wine or tea (my years living in the UK taught me to love good tea). Includes any social activities you want: Is there an activity you've always wanted to do and haven't found the right person? Fixed! We can go from a concert to the zoo. You choose!

Banana Split

(Also called overnight or overday dates)

I offer overnight dates for 12 to 16 hours, although if we are both comfortable and want to continue enjoying each other, we can extend our date. I require 6 hours of sleep to be able to wake up full of energy and be wild, although the latter can be negotiated depending on the price.

But, what can we do in an overnight?

Well, long dates have endless opportunities. We could share a bath together, "Netflix and chill", indulge our taste buds with a nice dinner then enjoy some drinks, start dancing, flirt, and tease each other in anticipation before going back to the hotel. Or perhaps we could cook together in the apartment! We could even kiss in the rain (if the weather was with us). On the slightly racier side, we could talk about our fantasies and fetishes to get to know each other more intimately and enjoy a night full of unbridled lust and passion.

In short, you can see our date as a night to relax, forget about your worries and immerse yourself in multiple forms of sensual stimulation.

All the services mentioned in my list would be included, for example, french kissing, massages, sharing a shower. If you want we could also dance naked around a fire (but I don't think the hotel would like this very much, lol)! Jokes aside, I am a very affectionate girl who enjoys a lot of physical contact, and I will shower you with attention and affection during all our time together! In short, you can see our date as a night to relax, forget about your worries, and immerse yourself in multiple forms of sensual stimulation.

If you are like me and you like to do unconventional things and enjoy having fun out of bed too, we can make plans outside, like a trip to the zoo or maybe the aquarium. I also enjoy more intellectual plans, like visiting history or military museums and other exhibitions. Or maybe go to a lake together and bathe in Adam and Eve's costumes. These are just some suggestions, why don't you tell me yours?

Are you more of a day person and prefer to enjoy the sunlight? Don't worry! We can also see each other during the day and not only at night.

Banana Split (Between 12h and 16h)

This option is only available to visit you in hotels, although if you prefer, I can reserve a night in a hotel for both of us (you will have to add the extra expense to the price).

(Includes many hours of intimate fun both in and out of the bedroom, 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep, and 1 or 2 meals)   2000-2500 chf

Banana Split Supreme

(Between 12h and 16h)|(SPA VIP Overnight)

I'm sure you have a lot of stress, tension and exhaustion from work. I can understand, since I have had very demanding and stressful jobs. So I offer you the solution to your malaise: Let's spend a magical night together in a SPA pampering each other.

No, when I say SPA I don't mean Belgian F1 races! (Although I am also full of dangerous curves 😛 )

I mean that we will spend the night in a 4 or 5 star SPA with a couple of hours enjoying a circuit in the SPA, receiving massages, bathing in the different pools, sauna and enjoying the tranquillity and pampering each other.

Probably after all our muscles are fully relaxed, our appetite will whet a bit and it would be great to go enjoy dinner near the hotel or, we could even order food from room service if we don't want to get out of bed! After dinner and enjoying the sensual games we will have ample intimate time, and, once we are both exhausted, we will sleep long and hard hugging each other and we can end the date having breakfast together. (Warning you that I really enjoy feeding while doing the airplane gesture and sound! lol)

Who wants to stay at home being able to go to places like this?

(Includes 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep and 1 or 2 meals) - 1500 - 2000 chf

Classic New York Cheesecake:

(Also called Fly Me To You/ FMTY dates)


I don't think so!

Whether you want to take me with you on vacation or you live somewhere other than Switzerland and want to invite me on a Fly-Me-To-You; I consider myself a frequent traveller. I have visited many different countries and cultures, so I adapt to any situation without problems.

We can walk, swim and drink cocktails together on the beach, or, my favorites are short city breaks, or enjoy nature a little more and go to the snow. (Warning you I don't know how to ski, but you can teach me!) These are just some of the ideas of things we can do together.

These are some of the destinations that are on my list: Isle of sky in Scotland, Ireland, Holland, I would love to visit the north of Italy (I have only visited the south), Argentina and Mexico, Japan, Hong Kong and China.

I always have my passport ready!

There are other countries that I have visited before and continue to visit frequently! For example to Scotland and Germany, I would love to visit you there (or in Europe) for a few hours or a day.

1. French toast with honey and blueberries:

Let's have breakfast together, with this strong and healthy breakfast you won't have to drink coffee to have a great day full of energy!

(Includes 1.5hrs of intimacity) - 800 chf

2. Fruit Salad:

The perfect dessert after any lunch or dinner: lighter, satiating and healthier.

It is perfect to get to know each other deeply.

(Includes 2 hours of intimacity)- 1000 chf

3. Crème Brûlée:

The best dessert for any occasion, from a day or a night of fun. Could be extended tasting menu or theater + drinks

(Includes 4 hours of intimacity) - 1500 chf

4. Carrot cake:

The Saxon dessert that you can eat after dinner and you will want to repeat another piece for breakfast the next day!

Healthy, light and that provides great energy, which will allow us to have great fun together: I will be your bunny and you will be my carrot! I will enjoy devouring you whole (figuratively speaking).

(Date with romantic dinner and breakfast together. We will Wake up together and start our day exploring each other!

(Includes 12h) - 2000 chf

5. Apple Pie:

Many people ask why the queen of all desserts is apple pie. My answer is what could be better than the smell of freshly baked apple cinnamon cake? (Especially in the cold months!)

I am an expert in baking the perfect amount of sugar, sweet yet savory crust, along with fruits and berries into something out of this world! (There is no better way to present the fruit, whatever they say!)

We can share together everything that an apple pie makes you think of: affection, familiarity/closeness, curiosity, simplicity, warmth and a lot of enthusiasm! There is no better way to spend cold nights than with a partner who makes the temperature rise in the bedroom!

(A quick but stimulating introduction in your city for 24h!)- 3000 chf

6. Brownie:

This dessert is served piping hot! It is possibly the most versatile dessert: you can have it plain or, if you have a sweet tooth, you can add more fun and delicious accompaniments.

Another great feature of this dessert is that it can be tailored to your taste buds, with traditional, classic and simple chocolate or other spicier ingredients.

It is perfect to get to know each other more deeply and enjoy each other better.

(Includes 48 hours) - 4000 chf

7. Fudge:

The only problem with dessert fudge is that it's impossible to eat just a square or two. And one thing I share with the world of fudge, is that there is a flavor for everyone: Traditionalists can stick with the girlfriend experience versions, while enthusiasts or more daring of something a little more kinky can incorporate kinky games or even a little submission.

This is an excellent gift to treat yourself to on any occasion.

More and more squares... (7 days) - 8000 chf

*These amounts do not include travel expenses. A 50% deposit is required. Get in touch if you want to know more about travel reservations!

♥ Travel companion/ FMTY conditions and requirements:

I would like to meet with you at least once before making a travel escort appointment. It is important that we get to know each other and check that we have good chemistry to have a good time together!