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Where I have been?

Oh my dear sweet tooth! Have you missed me? Fear not, because your trusty baker is back! But I must confess, my kitchen became a delicious battlefield as I tried to tame a rogue army of cookies that simply refused to stay crunchy. But fear not, I sprinkled them with a dash of love, and now they're ready to invade your taste buds with flavors so enchanting they'll cast a spell!

Although it sounds like a cloying fairy tale, truth be told, I've been busy finishing my second Ausbildung and a dash of magic called "leg surgery", the positive thing about this surgery is that now I have more mobility with my butt! So now I'm more addictive than sugar! 😛

Now I find myself enjoying a sunny Spanish summer!

I have visited Seville for a few days and oh my god! it was very hot! but it was totally worth it because I was able to enjoy strolling through the beautiful city (Honorable Mention to Seville Cathedral and Plaza de España), I ate some delicious ice cream and took a ride in a horse-drawn carriage through the old town city, like a princess that I am!

But, my sweeties, there is still no fixed date for my return to Switzerland. However, my heart glows with excitement to return and enjoy fairytale landscapes, chocolate, Swiss cheese... and oh those Swiss men, as captivating as a magical wheel of cheese!

I can't wait to spread my new adventures and delicious stories on the blog! Would you like to read about the things I miss about Switzerland when I'm in Spain? Let me know with an emoji! 😍✨🍰

Kisses from your favorite pastry chef!