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Any Other Questions?

Age is only important to me if you're a cheese or a wine. In other words, it is not. I am happy to receive visits from gentlemen 18 years of age and older.
In a perfect world this would be obvious and it wouldn't even need to be said, but no, I don't discriminate against any gentleman because of disability, ethnicity, or anything else over which you have no control. You do not need to let me know during communications.

(Except if you have a mobility problem that can prevent you from climbing some steps.)
As for the first two questions, the answer is a big NO. To make a great delicious dessert, you need quality ingredients as well as time, so I will turn down any offer from gentlemen who skimp on expense, and very short-term bookings will also be turned down. (My shortest service is half an hour, which I consider this to be the minimum time my oven needs to heat up and have a enjoyable experience.

As for short notice booking proposals, I'm fine with that, but the problem is that it might not be available when you let me know. It is always better to organise a meeting a little in advance (preferably an hour or more).

So, let me know as soon as you can to organise something. (If you do this, your chance to see me will increase!)
You should know that better than me, lol! But my answer would be as many times as you can during our time.
I do not reply to SMS unless we have met before. Generally, my favorite method of contact is by messages through WhatsApp, and or by phone calls. My email is also available if you prefer to communicate that way, although I don't usually check it so frequently.

And there is no rule for the duration of my reservations, my regular meetings can last two to three hours, although there are times when these turn into full nights.
Yes, that's me. But, people often tell me that I look better in person than in photos (I'm not very photogenic lol). I get a lot of compliments on my huge black eyes, full lips along with my cheeky smile and curves in all the right places.

I update my photos frequently, and for you, lucky boy, I have many photos published in my gallery (yay!) and I think they are enough to give you an idea of how I look, so I won't send more photos privately.
Gifts are not expected, but they are well received! Although for me, a great gift is my rate and your desire to be naughty and have a great time together! 🙂 Although that's charming enough for me, I know some gentlemen who like to bring something; in which case, click here to see what things make my legs weak.
My only requirement is that you're freshly showered and have fresh breath when we meet. I will do exactly the same (and bring a big smile).

In the situation of that you have not been able to freshen up before coming, you can take a shower in my apartment without any problem.
Of course! I love outcalls and social dates. Here is more information about this service.

You can also take me to bed directly! :P
No, the only white powder in my house is flour...and I don't think you're interested in that anyway!