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Pamper Me!

The famous phrase says that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but I personally disagree, it could also be a box of candy!

I know that there are gentlemen who like to pamper a woman with little gifts, so I'm going to leave a list of tiny little things that would make we weak in the knees!

As an interesting fact, my birthday is in October!

  • Lingerie: Honey birdette, Bordelle, Agent provocateur, For Love and Lemons, Fleur of England, and Studio Pia.
  • Shoes: I love the brand Jimmy Choo and Louboutin. Although I also enjoy ON sneakers.
  • Jewellery: I love pearls and silver accessories.
  • Flowers: Tulips, roses, and daisies.
  • Perfume: La vie est belle.
  • Books; I love reading in any genre. Give me your favourite book and let's discuss it together!
  • Any type of sex toy, what better gift is there to give than pleasure?

Preferred gift cards: SephoraNet-a-porterAmazonAgent provocateur and Honey Birdette.

Charities: SWARM, Umbrella Lane, UglyMugs, AprosexProcore and Otras.

Little things that are always appreciated: Candles, bows, and cute things.

To eat; I am addicted to fruit and to trying all kinds of new flavors in general. Lately I am enjoying salty food more than sweets, and I'm trying to eat less sweets lately because, at this rate, I will die of diabetes in my 30's. 😆

I am lactose intolerant, but luckily there are more and more lactose-free products on the market!

Leisure/activities: Take me to the theatre or an art exhibition, Opera or Cinema. Buy toys for my pet. You can gift me a subscription of Amazon Prime books. Make me laugh. Let's have experiences in spas or get massages. Pencils to draw and paint with...

Invest in me: You can invest in my next photo shoot and get the photos before anyone else.

You can invest in my academic training: I am a person with a restless and curious mind who always likes to learn new things. For example short courses in art, technology and design, writing, languages...

Regardless of size and price, the gift will be extremely appreciated!

Thank you sooooooooo much!