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Stereotypes sex workers are tired of hearing

During these last months my native country is proposing new legislation that seeks to criminalize adults who consent to participate in any paid entertainment with a lady or gentleman. This is because many of these women are forced to work for a third party, or are treated in a humiliating manner for exercising said activity. (Although these things are illegal and have been included in the Spanish criminal code for decades). And all this has given rise to a controversial debate.

So, for me it is important that you know this, although if you have met me, you already know it!:

I am an independent escort, I have not, and have never been coerced, pimped, managed or controlled by any third party or organization.

I am not desperate for money, nor am I overwhelmed by debt. I am not rude, disheveled or illiterate. I have never taken drugs, I am not alcoholic, no gambler, nor addicted to any legal or illegal substances, except garlic bread, chocolate, cheese, and those cute but old-fashioned animal pyjamas that are warm, soft, and fluffy.

I have not been abused by clients, my boyfriends, or anyone, recently or otherwise, except for one particularly annoying and disrespectful witch in a store, in which she steadfastly refused to refund my appliance I bought, which stopped working a few days after I bought it and she continued to refuse to refund my money.

I willingly participate in and enjoy each and every activity listed here, (I do so when adhered to with the right attitude and cleanliness): If I don't like it, I won't, no matter how nice you are or how much money you offer.