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Sweet recovery and my experience during Holy Week

Hello sweet tooths! Today I want to give you a little glimpse into my life over the past few weeks. I had a minor surgery on my leg and so I've been away for a while. But don't worry, I'm recovered!

During these days of rest I have had time to reflect, relax and, of course, enjoy Holy Week! Is there anything better than taking advantage of this time to relax and be among friends and family?

Holy Week always brings with it a special atmosphere, right? From religious traditions to moments shared with loved ones, everything is infused with a unique energy and a sense of renewal.

Maybe some of you will be surprised by what I'm going to say, but in Spain we don't eat chocolate eggs during these holidays (I ate my first chocolate egg a couple of years ago). In Spain we have other sweets, such as torrijas, pestiños and buñuelos. (They are less cute than chocolate eggs but just as delicious!)

In Spain Jesus Christ and Mary are the protagonists throughout Holy Week, although I have to admit that the Easter bunny who brings us chocolate eggs deserves praise too! Although both figures are very different, each one brings their touch of magic and sweetness to these days.

And speaking of sweetness, I can't forget to mention the torrijas that I've been enjoying these days! Is there anything more comforting than a bite of these homemade delicacies? With a soft texture and sweet flavor, they are the perfect accompaniment.

In addition to enjoying torrijas, I have taken advantage of this time to give a sweeter touch to my bedroom. With small details and some decorative whims... In addition, I have created a profile on Onlyfans, and I will take advantage of that bedroom to do some mischief and publish them on the platform. Join and don't miss anything 😜​

In short, although my leg is improving, Easter and all the experiences that come with it have sweetened these days and filled my heart with joy and gratitude.

Thanks for being part of this sweet adventure with me! ❤️