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Why do I consider it immoral to fake orgasms?

I can't lie to someone who only wants to give me pleasure and make me feel comfortable and who wants us both to have an unforgettable moment. And, although I want to reciprocate my partner, above all he deserves my respect and honesty:

In that moment of intimacy, naked and holding each other, how can I lie? as dramatic as it sounds, is a moral issue (at least for me)

Faking an orgasm takes me away from receiving pleasure and even getting a real one. It's like throwing away all your Halloween candy. You worked hard to get all those candies and now you're throwing them away for the rats to enjoy! Who the hell does that?

Although I have always had a great drive and sexual enjoyment, it has been over the years that I have felt more confident and have experienced a lot alone (playing, caressing, trying new things) and have been able to learn and communicate my feelings. needs and my pleasure. And even so, there are times when it's impossible to reach orgasm, if I feel like it's not going to happen, I'll just say so.

Don't think it's because I'm embarrassed, not at all, I can do it alone and in the company of another person, in fact, if I want to have an orgasm I have to touch myself. (I have never met any man who is bothered by this!)

Life is too short for fake orgasms. It may take some work to get there, but it will be worth it.

I appreciate that all the gentlemen who come to visit me care about my sexual pleasure. There is nothing sexier than connecting during sex while turning each other on.